Increasing competition and, in some instances, deregulation have brought consumer choice into the spotlight for a range of sectors. Whether consumers change provider and why many of them fail to do so, despite financial and other benefits in doing so, is the topic at the core of this research program.

The global growth of the 'nudge' movement where consumers are subconsciously poked or encouraged to make a choice that will benefit them is reflected across many sectors. This report looks at 14 product and service categories within the commercial sector. It provides comparisons across these product and service categories in terms of switching and inertia characteristics and, rather than the drivers of switching behaviour, it examines the drivers of inertia. In which categories are consumers least active and why?

Across 14 product and service categories, we ask...

  • Why do you stay with your existing product or service supplier?
  • How likely are you to consider changing your supplier in the next 12 months?
  • And for sticky consumers, what prevents them from switching provider?

The report includes...

  • 2,000 interviews across Australia
  • An Interactive Report that allows for bespoke analysis
  • Expert commentary drawing on our collective experience in Behaviour Change
  • Segmentation analysis that identifies consumer typologies with varying levels of churn behaviour across the 14 product and service categories
  • Telco
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Utilities